Daily Affirmation for March 26​

I set high goals and create contests that encourage friendly competition for rewards, and I'm always pleasantly surprised at what people can and will accomplish to win the prize.​

Daily Affirmation for March 25​

I take the emphasis off making money and put it on taking care of the customers' needs, because I know that when you truly focus on the customer, success inevitably follows.​

Daily Affirmation for March 24​

I recognize all successes, including individual ones, but I emphasize team success over all. When groups of motivated, enthusiastic people succeed, the organization is the ultimate winner.​

Daily Affirmation for March 23​

I strive to instill all the traits of success in myself and my team: when you have a combination of desire, passion, commitment, integrity, good attitude, and a powerful work ethic, you're unstoppable!

Daily Affirmation for March 22​

I constantly figure out ways to motivate by tapping into the competitive spirit, creating situations that give people a chance to win through outstanding achievement.​

Daily Affirmation for March 21​

I make a sincere effort to really understand someone else's feelings and see things from their perspective, and my honest empathy wins the trust and loyalty of the people around me.​

Daily Affirmation for March 19​

I give people the freedom they need to do their jobs - I make sure everyone understands what's expected and what our goals are, and then I step aside and let my team shine.​