Daily Affirmation for February 26

I earn the lasting respect and loyalty of my team by never asking anyone to do anything that I couldn't or wouldn't do myself.

Daily Affirmation for April 25​

I believe that improvement comes from finding new and better ways to do things, and I find change exhilarating and exciting!

Daily Affirmation for February 25

I build trust by listening to people's concerns and taking time to have thoughtful, one-on-one
communications with my team and my customers, showing them I care about what's important to them.

Daily Affirmation for February 24

I hire carefully and train meticulously, finding people with good attitudes and putting in the effort to teach them the skills they need. And my reward is a team of people who will do whatever it takes to prove that employing them was a good decision.

Daily Affirmation for February 23

My organization can realize even the loftiest goals, but as a leader it all begins with my own passion, dedication to excellence, and willingness to reinforce it with consistent and unwavering communication.

Daily Affirmation for February 22

I recognize everyone's individuality but keep in mind that just about all of us share the same dreams - to be part of a winning team, to reach our full potential, to make a positive impact on our world, and to be rewarded for our efforts.

Daily Affirmation for February 21

I'm willing to challenge my people with increasingly important responsibilities and I trust them to be highly motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve success.