Daily Affirmation for October 16

I regularly ask my customers for input and opinions, and I use their responses to build on our strengths and address our weaknesses.​

Daily Affirmation for October 15

I accept that as a leader I'm going to make mistakes sometimes, and when I do I take personal responsibility; I admit it and apologize for it, and then everyone can move on.​

Daily Affirmation for October 14

I actually appreciate complaints because they clearly point out problem areas, and I effect massive improvements in both perception and productivity by actively addressing each one.​

Daily Affirmation for October 13

I gain the admiration, cooperation, and goodwill of others by always treating everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Daily Affirmation for October 12

I lead by example when it comes to effective cost control. My actions prove that I'm sincerely committed to expense management, and my team follows my lead.​

Daily Affirmation for October 11

I teach people how to identify areas in need of process improvement, and I give them time and opportunity to create solutions.​ This keeps my operation running smoothly at all levels.

Daily Affirmation for October 10

I prioritize everything in order of importance, and I get things done at the right time by making sure everything on the "most important" list has been addressed before moving on to other things.