Daily Affirmation for April 30​

My own expectations are the one factor that truly determines the amount of success I achieve, so I use the acronym HEATKE as a reinforcement and reminder: High Expectations Are The Key To Everything. ​

Daily Affirmation for April 29​

Customer satisfaction is the basis of all my policies and procedures, and when a problem crops up the main question we ask is "what would you like us to do?"​

Daily Affirmation for April 28​

Each customer presents my organization with a unique opportunity to shine, and by providing uniformly outstanding customer service we capitalize on every one!​

Daily Affirmation for April 27​

I give everyone a fair shot but I invest my time in nurturing dedicated and hard-working people rather than trying to reform proven non-performers.​

Daily Affirmation for April 26​

I'm certain to succeed no matter what happens, because my drive, ambition, and willingness to work hard enable me to simply shake off the occasional setback and move forward.​

Daily Affirmation for April 25​

I believe that improvement comes from finding new and better ways to do things, and I find change exhilarating and exciting!

Daily Affirmation for April 24 ​

I improve productivity every single day, and my method is easy, fast, and absolutely free: I notice when people are doing a good job, and I tell them I appreciate it.​